Who We Are

Established in 2007, BraveBits is one of the first Vietnamese startups that has been successful in developing open-source products for hundred thousand customers worldwide. The company houses talented young people who hold a strong passion for coding, designing, and marketing. All of them share the same dream of building and bringing innovative products to customers all over the world. What continually motivates us is the strong passion for work, ever-changing technologies, and the high demand for perfection from customer community.

Our Mission

BraveBits was born to become the lever for Vietnamese to fulfill the potential. We’ve got what it takes to achieve international-level success but hindered by objective circumstances. Now, with the opportunities offered by the flat world, Bravebits’ mission is to lead the way to for Vietnamese to show the world our abilities.

BraveBits has been executing its mission in two phases:

  • Directly showcasing Vietnamese-branded products:
    1. B2B Joomla products in America and Europe market
    2. WooRockets.com – Products for WordPress
    3. SellerSmith.com – Products for Shopify
  • Training, consulting, and sharing with fellow companies to assist with world market expansion

Brave to be remarkable!

Working Environment

Being awarded as one of the most creative startup offices in Hanoi, BraveBits’ workplace reflects its real company culture and core values:


Home For All

The office is designed and maintained by company members, who spend 8 - 12 hours per day (or more) here. The contribution of each member can be found in every little detail of the office, from the green grass area, where all company members take rest during their lunch break, foot rest hammocks, to creative wall posters.


Wide Open Workplace

At BraveBits, there are no such things like CEO office or desk, table partition, or one fixed desk for each staff. The removal of all the typical corporate styles helps BBers to feel closers with their team mates while working at the office, particularly in their teamwork assignments.


Constant Strive For Improvement

As a product company, BraveBits understand that an office, no matter how attractive it was at the beginning, would shortly end up in a real mess if there is no serious maintenance and improvement. It is fortunate that BBers, who understand more than anyone how their office should be, are undertaking the task of office maintenance and improvement.


As a tech product company, work equipment is always among the top-invested items. Once becoming a BBer, you will always have access to the most cutting-edge workstations. You should never hesitate to ask for the latest iMac with an additional retina screen for your design work, or a 15-inch MacBook so that you can code anywhere, in any position, in the office.

Lunch and snack time

In addition to serious working hours, lunch or snack times perfect opportunities for the company’s members to recharge their energy in warm moments.

And similarly to our approach to product development, “BraveBits factors” can be seen the way we prepare and manage daily meal quality for all members. Menu details are updated on a daily basis by our two chefs on Google Drive. All members can view dishes information whenever they want and request for changes if they find anything inappropriate. The CEO of the company is the direct supervisor of the daily menu and receive feedback from other members to promptly “fix any bugs” there.

Core Values


Winner's mindset, not loser's

When facing a new challenge, a BBer will think ”I can do it, there must be some way." At BraveBits, there is no time for hesitation, superficiality, or fear of failing when one is assigned a task. Such mindset will contribute nothing but anticipate our failure. It will not be only smooth sailing at BraveBits. In contrast, it is often an uphill struggle for any local company that chooses the pioneering role in developing products for the international market. Courage and fearlessness are fundamental values that each member of BraveBits should have in their journey with the company.

Beginner's mindset, not expert's

In the current wide-open and fast-changing world of technology, what we seem to “know” today can quickly become something outdated in the next morning. Being fully aware of that fact, BBers never allow themselves to wear “expert” hats. If we do so, we will easily pick up some typical solutions, which are often based on our old knowledge and experiences. Instead, we need to keep the mindset of pure beginners, who often allow themselves to explore different options and opportunities, believing that there is always more than one solution for any issue.


Focus on the ultimate result, not the task

It does not matter if you are a chef or a product manager at BraveBits, when being assigned a task, we should always ask “How is this task going to contribute to the company’s growth?” Each company member owns and is responsible for the company in a different way. There should not be a thought like “I only need to finish the given task, the bosses are responsible for the rest.” We should always keep in mind that any task at BraveBits should focus on the shared goal: growth in revenue - the decisive factor for company’s performance.