Our Products

With the base of passion, technology and the thrive for perfection, BraveBits have been developing innovative products and delivering them to millions of users worldwide. We’ll never stop building more awesome products!
Below are some examples of what we have been working on so far.

Joomla Templates & Extensions

JoomlaShine is our first project, launched in 2007 with the goal of providing world-class Joomla templates and extensions for Joomla users communities in all over the world.
Over the past ten years, JoomlaShine’s solutions have won the heart and mind of more than 250,000 customers worldwide, particularly those in the EU and US market. Currently, it is one of the top three biggest Joomla solution providers in the world.

Comprehensive E-commerce Solutions For WordPress

Nitro is our second success story. The Nitro project focuses on providing solutions for WooCommerce - the #1 E-commerce platform for WordPress users.
From the start, Nitro team made it clear that this is not just another WordPress theme project. Therefore, Nitro team members spent a tremendous amount of time on serious research and succeeded in releasing a truly comprehensive e-commerce solution for WooCommerce users. This explains why Nitro’s solution is continuously featured in the of ThemeForest weekly “bestseller” list.

Apps for Shopify platform

Based on practical experiences in e-commerce and UX design from JoomlaShine and Nitro project, SellerSmith was born with the mission of providing the best application for users of Shopify - the most dynamic and robust e-commerce platform in the world nowadays.

SellerSmith has recently submitted its first apps to Shopify App Store and received various positive comments. It is expected that SellerSmith would soon become the largest app provider in the Shopify App Store.

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